Independence day

Dear readers,

It is independence day in my country on the 15th of August. And like all other countries, we celebrate it here with a lot of pomp and show. Independence is closely associated with patriotism. But what is it actually? Well, my thoughts on it are right here, in the form of a poem. Do share your thoughts about what patriotism is with me and all other readers.


We all hear of patriotism in many ways

From day to night till we hit the hay

It isn’t only love towards one’s homeland

Its meaning is as deep as sand

It is a feeling that cannot be described

Nor can it be fully imbibed

It is as if it is something

We posses from our mere being

It was Oscar Wilde who had said

A line that had soon widespread –

“Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.”

Many people said he was ambitious.

But what is patriotism actually?

I have to admit with some glee

That it is nothing but a part of us

That has often created some fuss


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