Examinations of life

Examinations – all of us have to go through them in our lives. And examinations here do not refer to your school exams only- here I am referring to the exams that life forces us to go through.

You would ask me that which examination do we prefer to take without being forced? Well, I would completely agree with you that most of life’s examinations are forceful. Starting from childhood itself, most of us have been nagged upon by parents and other people for getting a good grade. When we are in our jobs, we are forced to perform better than other colleagues and strive to be the best. When we are taking care of our kids, we always have to pass through the examination of being good parents. And heck, even when we are ageing, we have to give the exam to qualify ourselves as ageing gracefully.

But it isn’t as if we aren’t game for it. Don’t you like it if you look better than your pretty colleague? Don’t you like it when you get a better grade than your classmate? All of us like to be graded as superior than somebody else. No, you do. And with a little guilt, I too admit of liking it too. Why are we this way? Thousands of studies have been published on this topic – but it still remains a mystery.

Now, if we know we have to go through the exam, why not go through it cheerfully? Let us concentrate on it and devote ourselves to it. Ans if we don’t want to go through it, then why shall we? Some exams such as those taken in schools are very important for us to realize our potential. But the other stupid ones aren’t compulsory. So what say, ready to bunk an exam or two?


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