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My first ever Picnic

I was just flipping down an album. An album of the days when I used to be in play school.  I saw a picture of mine, dressed up in cute baby clothes and ready for my first picnic. Ah! My first picnic. How could I ever forget it?

I got a form which mom dad were supposed to fill. We were being taken to Mc Donalds for a treat before we passed out from our kindergarten. I was so happy. So,the last day of playschool arrived. I got ready in my favourite pink dress and asked mom to make a French bun out of my hair. The day before, I went to the market with my grampa and got matching clips as well as some snacks for the way.

I got upon my dad’s bike and he reluctantly started the bike – he felt sad that his li’l girl was going to Mc Donalds without him for the first time! All my friends were already at the school. How chirpy and noisy we were! And it wasn’t because we had or hadn’t been to the joint before, just because we were going together.

We sat in the school bus and our teacher started a round of antakshari or sing-a-song. We reached there after a while and got down with discipline, in a queue as we were taught. Our teacher took us inside the kitchen and the Chef greeted us with a smile. He let us touch everything there and satiated our curiosity with his generous smile and wit. He then took us to our table and then waiters came to serve us a Happy Meal each. All of us enjoyed the meal like never before. Then a guy came dressed as Ronald and we clicked pictures with him. He handed all of us a balloon and we bid goodbye to everybody.

We reached school and our parents were already waiting for us. I don’t know why, but it was the first time I cried.I did not know then that I was crying because I felt I would be separated form all my buddies. I just felt like crying so I cried. I could not remain in touch with all my friends although I saw many of them regularly. Today when I see them, I feel a little sad. They have all changed a lot. And I can tell its not for the good. But, what can one do?


6 thoughts on “My first ever Picnic

      1. Prachi why do you hold yourself in an abnormally high esteem? Learn to appreciate the nuances of humour.

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