If you want to be

The other day, I was sitting in a classroom, looking at the beautiful flowers growing in the school garden. Then I saw a few kids plucking them and then throwing them away. The very sight made my heart bleat but also made me realise how much importance the flowers play in my life. They spread so much of colour. I INSTANTLY STARTED THINKING OF SIMILAR THINGS. MY TRAIL OF THOUGHTS RESULTED INTO THIS POEM.

All of us have our goals in our respective lives,

The hope of achieving them in our hearts always strives.

But if you want to be then be like a candle-

Burning effortlessly no matter how you handle,

Giving light to anyone and everybody;

Never being a bit too gaudy.

If you want to be then be like a flower-

Growing for happiness that’s our,

Spreading colour everywhere;

Making people’s day here and there.

If you want to be then be like a tree-

Making the world pollution free,

Spreading greenery and giving away

All it has come whatever may.

If you want to be then be like a girl-

Sacrificing for others her own world,

Working hard all her life

As a student, worker, mother or wife.

No matter what you want to be,

Caring for people and loving yourself is the key;

The key to success that is true,

Which won’t fade away with time

And will stay with you…

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