The mall culture

I visited one of my nearby malls yesterday. And I visited a mall after a long time. So I was surprised. Not only by the crop of new stores that had opened up there but also by the huge number of people who were there. Earlier, people used to frequent the malls on weekends, but today they seem to have become our modern playgrounds and parks. It seemed as if most of the people had come there just to soak in the feeling and laze around. Indeed, these were the people who had come on a window shopping trip and didn’t actually buy anything. 

Anyways, mall culture is growing faster than ever. While traditionally people used to visit picnic spots, each others’ houses or restaurants at the most, today people find malls to be more accessible and attractive. Reasons? There are many. Think about it yourself – what would you prefer: going to a showroom to buy a watch, then going to a movie hall to see the latest flick and then dining at a restaurant or going to a mall where you’d find all this and more under one roof?

Well, malls are good that way. The quality of products in malls is higher than that of those in general markets. But alas! The price is sky-high too. While many countries stumble into recession, the malls record a plummeting statistics in terms of purchase of luxury items and goods. although the rich can easily enjoy all this but for the common man it is a far off dream.

So, while we need to continue on improving our malls, we also need to make it more affordable so all people can enjoy the benefits. See you at the mall! 😉

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