Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is something which can’t be learnt; it has to be acquired. There are no schools that teach knowledge as a subject as it comes to one through experience, observation and exploration. A cowardice or orthodox person can never probably gain knowledge as it requires courage and the ability to embrace changes.  For a person who is superstitious and scared, the doors of knowledge and wisdom remain closed while they are ever-open for the curious. Knowledge in the right direction improves the quality of life.

Knowledge has no boundaries. It is limitless. A person can never know everything. I believe that knowledge does take one places. It can broaden our mindsets and shock us, makes us happy and sad, make us brave and scare us. In short, it can do anything and everything that is possible in the whole wide world.

Thus, knowledge really does have power. If nobody had knowledge, nobody would have had control over anything. Take taming animals for instance – when man did not know he could train them, he did not rule over them, but now that he does, he can use his power to make them work according to him.  Knowledge acquaints us with so many things that we fare through life very well. Without knowledge, we are no more than mere dummies. Knowledge carves us, moulds us and brings out the best in us. 

As man has traversed through centuries, knowledge has brought around many changes. It has been developing us since time immemorial. And it continues to do so. I do not think one can survive without knowledge and that’s why I respect it. As far as I am concerned, I cannot define knowledge as it is what makes me who I am, what I do and where I stand. That’s how deeply rooted it is in my life. 


P.S. The author in no way supports animal cruelty, taming animals has just been used as an example. And ‘orthodox’ in 1st paragraph refers to not accepting change. The author respects all religions and communities deeply and does not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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