Beautiful Bharat!

Hi readers! I live in a country called India, also known as Bharat. It is a beautiful country and its people are no less. However, there has been a change in everything. Here’s a poem, hoping to change back to what we were.

The Golden Bird with a glorious past,

The land of mountains and meadows so vast;

We bow before Thy with utmost respect,

In praise of your every single aspect.

You have given us many a gift –

Your plentiful resources and rivers swift.

You have showered us with all your bounty

You are the best, I can guarantee.

You exhibit a breath taking panorama of cultures,

That bind together the nation’s future.

Traditions here are preserved and cherished,

Whose sanctity can never be tarnished.

Your contributions to mankind’s progress,

Have always found great success.

Thanks to the minds you’ve produced,

Burdens on the world have been reduced.

Of languages and cultures you have a variety,

Still there exists a unity in diversity.

All Indians are there for each others,

That’s why we’re all sisters and brothers.

With the world you are at par,

And have attracted people from afar.

Hailed as the land of love and mystery,

You have a magnificent history.

But all your beauty we’ve snatched away,

Leaving you abandoned like a stray.

Our actions have indeed spoken louder than our words,

Alas! You’re no longer the Golden Bird.

We greedily gobble up whatever you bear,

And litter upon you without any care.

Not giving it a single thought,

We dirty you and let you rot.

Can we still call you beautiful,

After exploiting you to the full?

Can we still bask in your glory,

When not all is hunky dory?

It is time to awaken our passion,

Towards your long-lost glory and possessions.

Only when we achieve this goal,

We’ll complete the ideal citizen’s role.

And then you can again reach the greatest heights,

Advocating each and every human’s rights.

Oh! How beautiful then you’ll be,

And the whole world will see.

This is what my dear homeland looks like...
This is what my dear homeland looks like…



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bharat!

  1. Hi There! I see you too have participated for the CBSE Subhramania Bharathi right? I submitted my poem yesterday surprisingly on the same topic 🙂 I will be putting it on my blog too. By the Way your poem is quite nice

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