Eating out – a frustating experience

There are days when we don’t feel like making the dinner or wanna go out. On these days, most of us head out to our favourite restaurants and indulge ourselves. I remember how eating out started as a fad and came to symbolise the sophisticated and elite. Then came the days when almost everyone could afford to eat out and they did. But this also brought together a new breed of ill-mannered eaters who are too well-groomed to behave in public, especially while eating. I’m not saying that only some people should have access to eating out but all I am saying is that no matter what kind of a background a person belongs to, he or she should know how to conduct themselves outdoors.

I myself have far too many incidents to narrate regarding this, so kindly bear with me. A few days back, I was at a reputed restaurant which is run by the state-board. We were a party of five; three adults and two kids. We were served our food when a family of six sat down on the table next to us. They were 4 adults and two kids. We were eating our meal and talking about the day’s events when I noticed the little boy sitting on the next table started glaring at my food – unashamed and straight. I tried t ignore but when he did not turn around, I offered him a bite from my own food. He hastily retreated and started looking the other way. However, within a minute, he turned towards us again, this time nudging his mother and telling her “I want that!” while pointing at my food. Imagine my fury when the mother ignored him and continued with her conversation!!! No matter how much I tried, I could not enjoy my meal, especially not with that little devil staring at me, even after his own food had arrived! I understand he was a young lad of 7 or 8 years of age, but he surely was not that small to know how to behave or perhaps it was the parents’ fault, who hadn’t taught him so and ignored him when e behaved this way. I was infuriated, but keeping peace in mind, I finished my dinner and we left. But God save you if you tell the parents of such children to ask them to behave. Instead of them, you will be rewarded with abuses and a lecture on how to conduct in public! And it isn’t just kids, I have seen people of all ages doing it.

Another thing which invites my wrath is the loud manner in which people behave. Go to any restaurant and I can assure you that you’ll find at least one group of people chatting as loud as they don’t even sing the national anthem. And they don’t give a damn if you are getting disturbed or staring at them like hell, they’ll continue with their conversation on full volume. I think they may be good orators, but we certainly aren’t in the mood to serve as an audience for them. And sometimes, a person’s phone will ring and they’ll start chatting with the person on other side of the line as if discussing a nuclear deal.

And last but not the least, I hate those over-sophisticated fellows who make a showy display of their gadgets and jewellery. It is impossible to not find selfie professionals, clicking away (h)appily while you try to eat. There’s also the amateur food photogs who click more photos of their food than they actually eat. And this is nothing compared to the fact tat a happy-go-lucky goup of strangers will disturb you time and again to click their picture.

Well, that’s all I can rant about on this topic. If you have any solution which is not illegal or criminal 😉 do tell. And feel free to share your problems with eating out.

Some people not only talk loudly but start sharing their jokes, thoughts from their smartphones...
Some people not only talk loudly but start sharing their jokes, thoughts from their smartphones…

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