New Year vacation – yay or nay?

As the year comes to a close, I am quite sure that most of you would’ve already planned your New Year vacation in advance – maybe to a famous place like Hawaii or to the nearby hill station. Wherever you might be going, I know you want to enjoy. I wish you best of luck and a very happy New Year in advance but here is why I think a New Year vacation isn’t always the best way to ring in 2015.

First of all most of the popular place like beaches are so over-crowded that I seriously wonder how one can enjoy, let alone relax in the chaos. All the happiness and peace that New Year is supposed to bring into your life gets lost in the crowd that throngs such places. In fact, it would be a miracle if you get enough space to even sit down. Even though the place you’re going may boast of world-class facilities and performances by top stars, tell me – is it really worthwhile to wait for hours on end for an arrogant celebrity who turns up late and leaves early? Secondly, isn’t it true that whatever we do on New Year is what we do all year long (well, that’s what I’ve heard)? I don’t think any of us would like to be stuck in chaos all year long.

Personally, I myself never go out on New Year’s eve – no vacation, no party in a famous club. I prefer to snuggle in my blanket with all the loved ones around, recounting memories of the year that will soon end while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or gorging on whatever we like. For me, this comfort and peace, togetherness and love is what marks the perfect end to any year. Not all of us are the same and so I don’t expect you to feel the same, but give it a thought and think how nice it would be to spend New Year this way, away from the crowds and hullaballoo of the world for once.

Anyhoo, do share your plans and maybe we can all take a cue about how to spend this New Year’s eve.

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