The Girl Child


In our society, boys have always been welcomed into the world with much more elation than girls. Why is that so? In earlier times they were the breadwinners. But today, girls contribute equally to the family income. Why then do we continue to treat them as inferiors???

When we go to school or college,

All of us gather a lot of knowledge and information;

But this is accompanied by many a question.

Like what is a pendulum’s time of motion,

Or how to concoct various potions.

I enjoy finding answer to such questions.

But some questions always trouble my mind;

Like why are girls killed when they are so kind?

Why are they killed when they are born,

Or even when they are in the womb?

Why can’t they love and enter the world,

Why are abuses at them hurled?

When lives of girls you take away,

You snatch from them a hopeful ray:

A ray to live, to study, to shine,

Why the hell can’t being a girl be just fine???

Why can’t girls be equal to boys?

They too are humans, not someone’s toys!

It moves me to tears to hear about the condition of the girl child.

I myself being a girl, don’t find the topic so mild.


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