A Charlie in all of us…


If a pencil can turn into a gun, I wonder what kind of a world we live in.

Imagine sitting in your office, doing what you love most – your work. Suddenly, you hear gunshots and are dead. What would have been your last thoughts? Maybe “I died like a brave heart with my message for the world – laugh at yourself?” Well, I think that is what Charbonnier must have thought. And he must have been proud to die like he did. The attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris, is in my opinion, nothing short of an insidious trap to curtail freedom.

I cannot deny the fact that the actions taken by the killers were a reaction to an insult on their religion. As a person who believes in God, I too would have been shocked or maybe even angry if someone insulted my religion. But, I am quite sure that it wouldn’t have escalated to such a level. I know that I have a right to feel disgusted at my beliefs being insulted but I also am aware of the right of others to express their views and the freedom of press. Taking this thing to such a level is simply an attack on all the freedom in the world. What the hell do all the human rights stand for when their expression can lead to such dastardly consequences?

Charlie Hebdo specialized in satirizing political situations and lampooning religions, especially Islam. Although many cartoons and caricatures appearing the weekly magazine were insulting to say the least, the terrorists had no right to kill anybody in the name of avenging what had been done. Did this incident lead to erasing the cartoons from readers’ minds? Umm, I’m quite sure it did not. In fact, it encouraged people to read more about the magazine that they set out to destroy. So what’s the result? Death, anger, sadness and disgust.

The problem here lies in the fact that we have become so intolerant that we can’t bear even good-humoured puns at ourselves and our beliefs. We need to understand that the caricatures depicted nothing but what went on inside the minds of the creators. It was their opinion. And I am quite sure even more stupid things pass through your mind daily. Only difference is that you don’t dare to publish them for all to see or consider them as too personal. Religion, especially extremist, is looked down upon in France, a country that takes great pride in its secular nature.

Well, I’d end by saying that if being who I am is wrong, then je suis Charlie. Aren’t you?

One thought on “A Charlie in all of us…

  1. What these religious goons fail to understans is that it wont take long for atheist to unite against the religious. and once that happens. The world wouldnt be a peqceful place to live in. They keep on making remarks on athiest and inaulting them on day to day basis. So why are they offended so much when the fingers are pointed right at them???
    Irony is that they Talk about tolerance and god. Pathetic.

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