My friend with superpower

Like there are friends with benefits, I suppose there are friends with superpowers too. A friend of mine has eccentric powers. Let’s call him Super. Every time he is around, something strange happens. Our belongings disappear into thin air, food appears out of nowhere and if that’s not enough, sometimes he himself becomes invisible, only to boo at us when we’re tired of looking around for him.

One day we decided to go hiking on let’s say Mount Highstone. I was worried as I knew that some of our friends’ parents may not allow them to go, as had happened on earlier several occasions. We all wanted to go, since it was my Super’s birthday. Surprisingly, this time all the parents gave their permission. But there was one glitch, I had outgrown my gear and I couldn’t find hiking gear of my size anywhere. We searched the whole town, from malls to wayside shops but my sized gear couldn’t be found. When Super heard this, he said, “You liar! You’re saying this just because you want new hiking gear.” My attempts to establish that I was speaking the truth were all in vain. At last, he dared me to prove I wasn’t lying. I gladly took him to my home. I tried to put on my hiking gear and wonder of wonders, it fit! I was shocked since I had just tried it yesterday.

The days before our trip went uneventfully. Excited for our sojourn, we met at the train station. There we saw a group of boys teasing a female traveller My friend stared at them and murmured something. They were gone in a minute. When prodded, Super said, “Their train must have arrived.”

We reached the base of the mountain after completing the first leg of our journey. We spread out some food and sat down to eat. When we were packing up, black clouds gathered over us and it started to rain. “Oh no! We have to return, it’s raining,” one of my friends said. “Nah, it’s not gonna rain,” Super replied. He ran to the nearest tree and whispered something. As he came back, the clouds went away and the sun shone upon us in all its glory. Stupefied by what had happened we continued our hike

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