The Misfit

Be who you are - you're beautiful the way you are. Don't fit in, stand out...
Be who you are – you’re beautiful the way you are. Don’t fit in, stand out…

Stuck in the middle of what to explore,

I just can’t bring my feelings to the fore.

People make fun of me, yes they do;

Doesn’t it hurt, yes does too.

They laugh at how clumsily I walk,

And smirk over my silly talks.

They judge a book by it’s cover,

But that doesn’t mean I need a makeover.

You need to understand other’s mind and soul,

And stop treating the world like a fish bowl.

These thought of mine are never made known,

Coz not all feelings are meant to be shown.

When people fail to understand me,

Ignorance is the only key-

To ward away any only thoughts,

And to stop before I say or think rot.

My insulters are often greeted with a smile,

To know the real me certainly takes a while.

People walk away, never to realize,

I too have feelings but mute my cries…

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