It actually happened!

A unique specimen!

As we trudge through life, we meet many people whom we like or don’t. But it doesn’t occur often that you witness a specimen as unique as the one I do almost each day! And I am quite sure all of you would enjoy knowing what happened in class the other day.

Setting: The girl, let’s call her Miss Scorpio was called upon by the teacher who was having a sore throat that day. “Can you please write it down for the rest of the class to note?” Being the number one teacher’s pet that she is, Miss Scorpio agreed happily. It was Biology class and we were studying about evolution. The teacher told her to write about various situations which a species can face to become a new species. First we had to write the conditions and then the observations. Tired already since it was the last period, the teacher invited moans and groans when we had to write it in tabular form.

Now, here are some things you must know about Miss Bee, she is too full of herself, studies or rather crams too much and writes VERY fast, even on the blackboard. Exhausted as we were, we started jotting down. She wrote the first situation’s condition and then wrote observation where she put a line to indicate that we had to leave the space for it there. She began writing the second condition and then rubbed it when all of us were still on the first one, to write down the second observation. And all this while we had left space for the first observation, we could have done the same for the second one as well! I mean why jump from one thing to the next and rub it before we can write, isn’t it us she was writing for? Did she completely lose her common sense in some fair? I know it sounds real confusing and it is, but witnessing it in the class was no better than watching a Dennis Dugan movie either.

When asked to explain, she replied “I’m doing my work, you do yours!” How insolent! Most of us, unable to follow what she was writing, gave up and started discussing with each other. Discussing what? Her of course. We recounted all the times that Miss Scorpio had made life hell for us, sometimes not without a chuckle and how even the most well mannered and cool tempered of us managed to flare up at her snide comments. At last, before the bell rang, there was one thing we concluded, and I hope to prove it scientifically one day – overuse of the brain results in an acute loss of common sense!

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