Be A Real Man

You portray yourself as the modern alpha male,

But your ideals have gone stale.

You say you embrace changes as they come,

Still on gender based violence you stay mum?

You say that women are you equals,

Then why do you always miss their pulse?

You sympathize and say you understand,

But force her to live a life that’s dull and bland.

Instead of cherishing her all you can,

You rape her and claim to be a real man?

No, you’re wrong, totally wrong,

You are a coward, not at all strong.

If you were a real man as you say,

You’d support her be it night or day.

You’d not coerce her to be shy,

But give her wings if she wants to fly.

You’d know how she feels deep inside,

And allow her to express it on the outside.

You’d appreciate her sacrifices for you,

Towards her you’d stay honest and true.

You’d not tell her how to dress,

And be happy in her success.

When you actually become a real man,

Instead of an enemy, you’d be her true fan.

If you truly were a real man,

Instead of pretending, you’d actually give a damn.

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