The Great Divide

It pains my heart to see how we neglect our poor even though we obtain most of our services from them. This attitude has made the great divide between the rich and the poor even larger. Poetry often expresses feelings better, so here goes an appeal to change and treat them better.

Beside the world’s most beautiful skylines,

Live those in slums who can’t afford Calvin and Klein.

What they can afford are rags as clothes,

They are the people whom we loathe.

They are those whom we consider disgracefully dirty,

We are the ones who snatch their liberty.

But they are the people that we need,

To become successful and stay in the lead.

They manage our lives and treat us well;

It is high time to blow the shell-

To see them as equals if not ahead,

Because life is nothing but a thorny rose bed.

There will be obstacles – large and small,

Which we need to face standing tall.

For this we need lots of prayers,

From people who actually care.

So, join hands to make them fit in,

If the race called life, you wish to win.


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