Everyone’s right

I see people not speaking up for fear of their words being taken in the wrong sense or because they think they’re not good enough. But if we all keep our feelings to ourselves, when they finally come on the surface, there will be fights everywhere and relationships will severe. What we need is to express our thoughts and let others do so too…

Don’t hide who you really are

We need peace, not a war

So all the pessimists and the optimists

Raise your hands and shake your fists

You and I, we’re both right

As long as the sun shines bright

You’re correct in your thoughts

You’re a human, not a robot

What you think truly reflects you heart

And even though you’re no Mozart

To speak out, you’ve got every right too

Don’t let anyone underestimate you

Use your (thankfully provided) freedom of expression

Or with bottled up feelings, the world’ll burn.

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