Go vegan!

Why go vegan?

PETA says “need a reason to go vegan? How about tens of billions?” referring to the number of animals killed for eating in the US each year. The first and foremost reason is of course the fact that going vegan helps in preventing the exploitation of animals. After all, don’t they too have an equal right to live on the earth as we have? Being a vegan exhibits true compassion for animals as it is against animal cruelty.  Increased energy levels, radiant skin and eternal youth are just some of the claims from enthusiastic vegans. Well, eternal youth is a bit too much but vegan diets have been scientifically proven healthier as compared to non-vegetarian diets.  The high fibre and low-fat content of vegan foods is a shield against lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Vegetarians have a 12% reduced risk to death than non-vegetarians. And being vegan is environmentally friendly too! Vegan diets have a lower carbon footprint since lower quantities of crops and water are required to raise plants than to raise livestock and process the produce.

Veganism – not boring anymore:

Those who think vegan diets are boring and bland, wake up! Gone are the days when vegan diets were tasteless. Veganism is now trending worldwide, giving you a chance to taste vegan dishes that you could never imagine to be so exotic and delicious in your wildest fantasies. Seems a little far-fetched? Go ahead and try hummus, tofu or any of the vegan options available worldwide. Even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Clinton are endorsing veganism and encouraging their followers to go vegan. As veganism gets recognised worldwide as a better way of living, the options get better and undoubtedly tastier too!


There are many online resources that can help you to go vegan by suggesting meat substitutes and tips on how to reduce meat intake. There are also a number of vegan recipes that you can try out. A vegan diet is good for all – you, the animals and the environment. When we can have a healthier and tastier diet which doesn’t harm animals and leaves a smaller carbon footprint, then what are we waiting for? Go vegan!

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