In love… with nature

Nature’s beauty has always attracted me. Especially the woods. I don’t know why we’re abandoning it when we should be embracing it. I had an experience that made me fall in love with nature and it’s below. What was yours?

As I entered the woods that night,

I knew it was love at first sight.

The moon lit up the darkened woods,

And I, enthralled, hypnotised… just stood.

I was mesmerised by the splendour,

That showcased nature in it’s grandeur.

The lake in the woods seemed to be shining,

And the clouds really had a silver lining.

It was all so peaceful and quiet,

When a pair of nightjars began a duet.

As they traversed up and down the scale,

The phone beeped, I’d got a mail.

Oh! How the familiar sound startled me,

When on my face I was feeling the breeze.

It seemed like a shame to leave,

So I lay down and started to grieve;

How we never tried to delve,

Into the reason for distancing ourselves-

From the beauty of nature.

I just felt the dew-drenched grass,

And all previous happiness was surpassed;

I was very sad as the moon went down,

For I surely didn’t want to return to town.

That was the night I fell in love with nature,

And all its enchanting, ravenous features.


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