Old age homes- the pespective of the elderly

In my society, we have a box where you can write a letter addressed “dear all” and write about anything that concerns you. These letters are often used as a topic of discussion in “Society Rendezvous” where we talk our hearts out. This time, I had the opportunity of reading one of those letters before making it a topic of discussion. Since these letters are anonymous, I don’t know who wrote it. But it surely struck a chord. Read on…

Dear All,

I recently turned eighty and have a very loving family. But that doesn’t make me insensitive towards those who have to live in old age homes. I would like to share my views on the sudden increase in the number of old age homes.

While many of the youngsters of our society say that they’re a good place for elders to be, I feel they’re like being sent to jail as if ageing is a crime. In my opinion, this blossoming of old age homes signifies a degradation of values in the society as it implies that the present generation has lost love and attachment towards their parents and grandparents. The parents who’ve selflessly raised them are shoved into old age homes by the same hands that taught them everything they know. Their parents were also busy, I’d be lying if I say I spent parenthood roaming and vacationing. But today’s children make excuses, and very good ones at that, to dump their elders into old age homes.

Many of my own friends who earlier lived here have been shifted to old age homes. The children say they visit them regularly. But truth be told, I am more regular than them in visiting their parents. I see their children going out shopping. to spas and expensive foreign trips but they say they have no time for their parents? Sorry, but I don’t buy that!

Most of the old age homes I’ve visited my friends in, belt out a very inhuman treatment to the elders. They have a very indifferent approach towards them and thus make them feel less loved. They are often given sedatives in the name of “routine medicines” so that the workers don’t have to take care of them The facilities provided are below average. While they look beautiful and peaceful from the outside, the seniors believe they’re like hell from the inside. I do realise that this is not true for all such homes but let’s believe it, most of them are like this only.

Care in their own homes allow older people to continue to live as they wish to even once they can no longer carry out their day-to-day tasks without support. As long as old people have good quality care at home they can control their lives in familiar surroundings. They generally need only love and affection – no money. And those who send their parents to old age homes should not expect any care from kids in their golden years.

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