Being a girl

Adam was one of the few nonchalant chaps who didn’t believe in gender equality. He did not like competing with girls at school – be it a debate or sports and neither did he respect them. He would make fun of them for not being able do physically daunting tasks. In fact, he didn’t even spare his twin sister!

Then one morning when Adam woke up and looked into the mirror, he couldn’t recognise the face staring at him. “THIS is not me!” he cried out loud. “This is not my face! When did I turn into a girl? OMG!” he shrieked in the latest slang. He was worried, very worried. He could not understand what was happening but if there was one thing he knew, then it was that he would have to face it all alone; his family was out of town. “I shouldn’t have stayed back.Oh no!” he said.

Gathering courage, he dressed up in her sister’s clothes; his own no longer fit him. He went to the market to buy some veggies. As Adam gave the money to the vendor, he remarked casually, “Hey girl! You sure you’ll be able to handle all these veggies?”  Adam couldn’t do anything but not; hadn’t he himself often commented on the inability of girls to carry heavy loads? When he was walking back home, some neighbourhood boys whistled at him. “Hey babes, need a ride?” He was full of anger, but walked on; it just wasn’t his day. When the next-door lady commented, “Look at how much freedom she has. Look at her short pants. No wonder these girls are unsafe,” it was the nail in the coffin. “Just cause I’m a girl doesn’t mean I need to tolerate your nonsense. Mind your own business,” he shouted at her. No manners,” she snorted under her breath.

It was then that he realized what the girls he made snide comments about would’ve felt. He could now relate to them and feel their frustration. “So that’s why gender equality is important,” he said to himself.

Is it necessary that we all go through what a girl does and only then it will be an equal world? In case you’re wandering, no, as long as she gets respect, it isn’t. Otherwise….


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