Life As It Is

Not everybody gets what they always want,
But you have to relax and just let it be…
You have to work hard to get what you want,
Even if you just want to visit your old haunts.
You can never ever have everything, everything;
That’s just how life is being.
It’s just life as it is, as it is.
You can’t really do anything about it,
But face life with all your might and wit.
To get anything you got to do what it takes,
But never ever be the one who fakes.
So lay back and enjoy the breeze –
It’s just life as it is, as it is.
There are times when you fall so low,
But also times when you proudly take a bow.
Life can be as cold-hearted as a stone,
All its truths can never ever be known.
You can’t really say for sure,
Whether life is a lie or sacred and pure.
Yet for your thoughts time will never freeze,
Coz you know, it’s life as it is, as it is…

One thought on “Life As It Is

  1. Dear readers, has it ever happened to you that you tried to do something but life prevented you from doing it? Now that time has passed, what do you think of it? Reply quickly.

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