My Playlist

My playlist is a strange mix of songs. There’s no specific artist or genre that I’m partial to (hope so). It has the songs I love – just that. I don’t know why I like these songs so much, but you know, for most times, there’s a song I’d like to hear. Now, they say that a person’s choice of songs or literature or movies tells a lot about them. So, why don’t you people tell me about myself after going through my playlist?

  • Lost In Love (Air Supply) – This was not my favourite group, never. But I dunno, this song just clicked.
  • Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees) – This song is my go to for morning when I’m feeling bored and unexcited about the day ahead.
  • Brown Girl In The Ring (Boney M) – This was the song that introduced me to Boney M, and boy did it get me hooked.
  • Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (Bryan Adams) – There’s nothing wrong I can point out about this song: lyrics, music and who doesn’t love Bryan Adams’s voice? And the guitar just at the beginning before the song starts is magical.
  • Last Christmas (George Michael and Andrew Ridgley) – This song pulls at my heart whenever I listen to it. There’s that mildness and innocence in this song that I love.
  • Tonight I’m Lovin’ You (Enrique Iglesias) – While I liked Julio Iglesias’s work, I never found Enrique that great. However, then came this song which has become one of my favourites.
  • You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful (One Direction) – Well, shout at me if you want but One Direction never was my preference. In fact, this is their only song which I find more than okay.

What do you think?

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