Morning people! Happy Mothers’ Day to y’all. Mothers are everything to us – they raise us and make us who we are. A reader mailed and said they were sad that they couldn’t spend mothers’ day with their mom as she passed away few months back. So, to all those who have moms and those who miss theirs and to all the mothers, here’s a poem.

Mom, mother, maa – it’s one and the same thing:

She’s such a wonderful emanation of a human being.

Full of love and life for her children;

Affectionate and pampering by the tonne.

She’s the one helping them every time,

Teaching them the value of each dime.

To their success, she is the true key,

Grounding them sometimes or letting ’em free.

To you we never want to bid adieu,

And dear mothers, that’s how much we love you.


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