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Blank Space (the Taylor Swift song, not about actual space or vacuum)

Let me say this out straight, I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan. In fact, I was reluctant to hear her sing because of the way the tabloids portrayed her. I thought she was a rich brat who sang to cast revenge on her exes. Then one of the geeky guys in class who is mostly just interested in studies and politics started gushing about her and it surprised me so much that I laughed quite hard at the poor fellow. So, you know, I had to listen to her.

Now, I googled Taylor Swift songs and Blank Space came on top. I went on YouTube and found Taylor’s Vevo channel. Surely, there it was – Blank Space, one of the most liked Taylor Swift songs. I played it. And though it did not “blow my mind” like I was promised, I liked it; more than I’d expected.

I’m a fan of all stuff classy so you can see why I liked the video. The video begins with you thinking of Taylor as a sweet, gentle girl and then a little obsessive when she paints her lover’s portrait and hangs it near to all those paintings. But then the prim and proper lady transforms into an insecure and mean girl who’d do anything to hurt her partner because he hurt her. But the way she maintains primness throughout the whole video is what I loved. One might pity her boyfriends after seeing the song, she’s looking that villainous. But that’s what she wanted to do! She wanted to build upon her reputation as a man-eating, insecure girl (as she’s portrayed by the media) and she did exactly that. What do you get? A Taylor Swift chartbuster of course. More than that, she ridiculed herself and made herself vulnerable to her audience, and that’s what people want.

Now, I’m no music critique but a big lover. And I don’t really like new songs these days; I would prefer Air Supply to One Direction anytime. You’d know that if you ever saw my playlist. But Taylor Swift really got me on her side with this song. In fact, I’ve added it to my playlist!

If you became a fan of Taylor Swift too, then tell me all about it. I’d be dying to hear.


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