All of us live our lives. Daily… But there are some poor people who don’t live but just exist. Shouldn’t they be allowed to die?

We can now choose our partner, when to have a child, & whether to continue with an unplanned pregnancy. We have the right to accept, or refuse, medical treatment. We should have the same right to decide when & where to die. The thinking that dying is God’s choice is based on traditional beliefs which are no longer held by many citizens & should not be imposed on those who do not share them.

Even with the best palliative care, between 5% & 10% of those dying cannot have their suffering adequately relieved. Pain is often a major problem, but not the only one – nausea, vomiting, coughing, breathlessness, incontinence, & other horrible symptoms can be difficult to treat. Severe weakness & total dependence on others are inevitable & many people find this the most distressing thing to bear.

This results in depression and misery, not only amongst those who are suffering but their near and dear ones. Can you imagine your partner, mother, father, sibling to suffer insufferably and you couldn’t relieve their pain in any way. That’s the worse life can get, isn’t it? In fact, it’s even worse than death. So much so that one might actually wish to die and get it over with.

But then the question arises: should it be permitted? Even if you say yes, there are more than one moral and ethical dilemmas attached: under what circumstances should it be allowed and who is the person to decide whether to pull the plug? There are different viewpoints that different people withhold. There are various reservations and religious problems faced by people.m

What can one say when faced with such a conundrum? I can only speak for myself. I feel that only those patients who are terminally ill and in extreme pain with no chances of a cure should be allowed euthanasia. I agree that life is a gift given by God. But it isn’t important that this gift lasts too long. Enjoy life as long as its good and try your best to face all the hurdles it throws at you. If it is too severe or too much to handle then well, what’s the use of it? In such cases, I personally feel euthanasia might be helpful.

Of course this is just my viewpoint. Yours might be completely different. Feel free to debate upon it or tell me what you think about euthanasia.

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