Reasons to Read

Well, call me nerdy or boring but I like reading. I really do (that’s another matter whether I can or not). People often ask me why they should read. Some even say, “Gimme a reason”. I don’t need a reason to read. But those who do, I’ll give you five. I mean, you can find hundreds of reasons why you must read by just Googling it. So, I give you five which made me read and I think are important.

  1. Increase your vocab: Books these days contain new slangs and old books contain archaic words, the use of which will make you look more, how to say, sophisticated. Pick up any book and I guarantee that you’ll find a new word. You can tell if a person is well-read by asking them for synonyms. If you think good means awesome/rad, think again. A good reader will furnish you with other synonyms like eminent, marvellous and commendable depending on the context. And obviously, you don’t really want to check an online dictionary each time a person says something, do you?
  2. Open up your mind: Our general worldview is limited and includes only those we talk to. But when you read, you are not only exposed to the prevailing opinions of others but also to what was the norm in the times when the book was written. Reading a book will certainly expose you to a multitude of thoughts you didn’t even know existed!
  3. Learn about yourself: A book doesn’t only tell you ’bout its own story but helps you make yours. Whenever I read, or for that matter, re-read a good book I discover something new, not necessarily about the characters or plot of the book but about my own self.
  4. To get away from it all: Sometimes when I feel too tired to go out and face the world, I just surrender to a book. Reading it takes my mind off stuff. When you read, you are lost in the world that the writer has created and you lose all your worries away. When I’m done reading, I’m calmer and much more ready to face people or myself for that matter.
  5. To form opinions: When you read, you are not just merely taking in what the writer writes, you are also, in your mind, debating whether it is right or not, forming and trashing opinions simultaneously. After reading something, your stance and outlook on a topic may change completely. You give what you read a thought and thus become a better crafted individual.

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