The Book of Tomorrow (Cecelia Ahern)

Inspired by many other blogs, especially Rabia’s books section, I’ve decided to review books/movies I go through, even if they were published/released a long time back. There are very few places where you can get honest opinions and being a small-time blogger with no corporate connections, I can certainly provide that. But remember, many reviews may contain spoiler, so for the first and the last time, SPOILER ALERT! So, here we go.

Let me say this out straight, I’m not a fan of Cecelia Ahern’s website; while people raved about Where Rainbows End, I didn’t find it worth that much attention and praise. However, with The Book of Tomorrow, Ahern completely blew me away.

At first I thought that the protagonist Tamara Goodwin would be one of your usual bratty teenagers, and she was. But how she transformed, from being cruel to in denial to the girl she finally became, made me feel for her. The book is based on what happens to her when her father succumbs to debt pressure by committing suicide which their family knew nothing about. Her life is completely changed in a few days, the girl who went to Paris in her private jet, had to live with her uncle and aunt in a country house!

The story progresses with growing concern over Tamara’s mom’s state of mind who has been quite aloof. Tamara also makes some friends, commits some mistakes, uncovers new truths. She finds a diary/book in which writings in her own hand appear the day before, i.e. tomorrow’s writings appear today. So she now has the power to change her future and know what it holds for her. In the process. she hurts, loses and finds herself.

What happens at the end is unpredictable. The climax is so thrilling that my heart was pounding against my chest, even though I’m not at all faint-hearted. All in all, it’s a tome you wouldn’t want to miss. I can certainly say it’s Cecelia’s best so far and a much sought after book in my shelf (five people have already borrowed it from me; two of them twice).


For those who want to know the ending beforehand, her aunt is actually slipping pills into her mother’s food and hiding her true father, who is badly disfigured in the house next to them. Her uncle and mom aren’t actually siblings and that castle has a secret much bigger than you’d expect.

This is my first review, so do tell me what you think of it, and the book as well!

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