It actually happened!

Triumph over partiality

No matter how much schools promise to be impartial towards the students, it isn’t so. And I don’t really mind favouritism practiced by the teachers but only as long as it doesn’t hamper with true competition between the students. It’s fine until you give equal opportunities to all students.

I’ve been a victim of this partiality many times. Sometimes my topic for a conference/debate was changed a day before to accommodate a teacher’s pet or I was not selected despite being meritorious since I wasn’t as much of a sweet-talker as my contemporaries. In fact, so hurt was I that I’d stopped expecting anything at all.

Yet I decided to apply for the post of Literary Secretary. I’d applied before but this was the first time I got to give the actual interview since the Warden who passed the forms earlier held a grudge against me. In my school, the HODs and Principal etc. take the interview instead of voting by students. I knew there was a full chance of things not going my way since I had to compete with many favourites of the teachers.

The day of the interview arrived. I was standing in the line outside the Principal’s office, waiting for my turn. The peon called out my name but the teacher in-charge stopped me. She asked the girl whose turn was after me, let’s call her X, to go before me. She wasn’t even wearing her tie. The teacher helped her put on her tie and I, instead of going into the Principal’s office, had to hold the girl’s portfolio. Talk of irony!

When she came back, she was beaming. She had recited her self-written poem to the jury and suggested me to do the same, I thanked her for the suggestion. I didn’t want to recite my poetry to them because I knew, if my work was good enough, they would have noticed it in the school magazine anyways. I went in and greeted the jury.They asked me why I’d like to become the Literary Secretary and I replied. When I came out, I felt I could’ve done better. Only if my mind wasn’t pre-occupied by the angst against X and the teacher!

The results were to be announced in the Assembly the next day. My House Warden asked me about my hopes. I said, “None, especially after the preference given to X.” The Assembly began. After the usual daily prayer and school pledge, it was time for the results. The Principal said he was very happy with the School Council this time. I on the other hand was not happy at all. So sure was I about X getting the post that when the Principal took my name for Literary Secretary, I couldn’t move! The House Warden pushed me to go on the stage. You can imagine how jovial I was when I stood on stage and X and the teacher had to applaud!

That day I realised that even though stuff hardly goes my way, sometimes life can be impartial and teachers too!

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