Surely there are times when we all feel hopeless about something. But then there are times when we create unnecessary negativity around us. Is it really impossible to get rid of this negativity. I don’t think so. Read on…

Firstly, identify the triggers that cause you to feel negative. For someone, a mere incidence such as witnessing a failure may make you feel gloomy. You need to realise that a failure does not occur to tell you that you can’t do it but to give you a chance to find a better way to do it. Try to stay away from things that make you feel negative and avoid them as far as possible.

Secondly, stay away from negative people. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who will encourage you and provide constructive criticism and those who’ll make you feel inferior and incapable. Your task is simple, get rid of these balky and cynical people. If you can’t do away with them, at least ignore their negative thoughts.

Then, write down negative feelings on a piece of paper, crumple it and throw it in the trash (or if you’re from the eco-friendly brigade, put those papers away for recycling). It may seem silly to do so, but this method is really effective. In fact, it’s much better than imagining engaging in negative actions. In a way, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Discard the thoughts mentally when you discard them physically.

You need to find positivity in your life. It can be anything, a pet, your kid/spouse or even an activity such as dancing. Find a source that provides you with positivity and makes you happy. Have fun and enjoy life. Learn to find amusement and contentment in small things in life. Happy people are much less likely to be found being pessimistic.

And lastly but most importantly, be positive yourself smarty pants! Hoping to see others around you being positive while you yourself are a naysayer is not really possible. Think of negativity as a contagious disease that spreads from one person to another and positivity as the medicine which is required to counterbalance the negativity.

Get rid of all that negativity and stay positive! xx

3 thoughts on “GET RID OF NEGATIVITY!

    1. You’re welcome. Well throw away the negativity around you and join the positivity brigade.P.S. If this isn’t a bad time, check out my new advice/opinion page that can be accessed through the homepage. Stay happy! 😘

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