“Do you too have insomnia? Welcome to the party.” That’s exactly what an acquaintance told me when I confessed that sleep didn’t come easily to me these days.

I’ve never had any problem falling asleep earlier (well mostly). But since the past few days, I’ve been sleepless. Although it’s not as if I am awake the whole night but it takes me at least two hours to fall asleep while earlier, I’d fall asleep within fifteen minutes. At first I reasoned it to be the summer break. With the school closed and temperature high, the only time I go out is the evenings. I thought that lack of activity was the reason for it. So, I tried to engage in both physical and mental activities but to no effect.

It was later after much self-analysis that I realised the reason – OVERTHINKING everything. I mean, even when trying to sleep and not being able to do so, I’d keep on analysing why I can’t sleep! You see, I have a habit of thinking too much about everything under the sun; sadly that doesn’t translate into my thinking before speaking! 😉 Even after realising my problem I couldn’t curb it because it seems I have no control over where my mind wanders, especially at night.

When I googled “insomnia experiences” a insomnia project website came up. I thought I’d find some tips to trick myself to sleep but it left me upset. First thing I noticed was that people are too dependent on pills, which I strongly condemn. As a science student, I am aware of the fact that sleeping pills depress the CNS which makes you sleepy. This is what people call kicking in of the pills. What they do not know is that sleeping pills are addictive, harm your liver in a way which is worse than when you get crunk days in a row and can even result in memory loss. What shocked me even more was how nonchalant people were about using these pills. I for one have never used them and don’t plan to in the future either. Even if your doctor has prescribed them, don’t pop ’em like M&Ms!

So, I took it upon myself to cure my insomnia. I stopped using the computer and mobile for an hour before I went to sleep, much to the happiness of my family. At first I felt restless and eager to check my mail, but I learnt to let it go. I didn’t drink coffee/soda before going to sleep and stopped eating a scoop of ice cream after dinner every night. It worked for me and I hope it does for you. But like always, I’m open for suggestions!

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