Who is a father?

First of all, a very happy Father’s Day to my readers. Dads have always been making our lives special; be it as their son’s first buds or daughter’s idol. So, here’s to all the fathers…

A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love,

Not always as peaceful as a dove;

Soft on the inside but outside he’s tough,

With him all worries disappear in a puff.

He never says ‘no’ to his little ones,

Sometimes boring, but mostly he’s fun!

For his kids, he’s no less than a celebrity,

And mine is so charming and witty.

The most perfectly imperfect person ever possible,

He’s no less than a miracle.

For his babies, he can do anything on a whim,

Coz he is – just as God made him.

Well he can also drive you nuts,

With his enormous ifs and buts.

Nonetheless with him life’s worth living,

For he is the nurturer of many a little being.

To tell him anything kids seldom wait,

For he is whom they really emulate.

You’d never wanna lose a relation so special,

This bond is simply inexplicable –

For it never changes with the weather.

When it came to choosing a father,

I hitched my wagon to a star –

Who’s no less than a Czar.

So, I’ll just say what’s long due,

From all kids to their dads (and it’s true) –

Dear dad, we really love you.

P.S. Dear readers, it’d be really nice if you could share with all why your dad’s the best. ‘So, tell us all your stories and little incidents that make your dad the the special person he is.

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