Do what you love

All right, since I’ve not got even a single request for opinions/advice from you guys, the only thing I can deduce is that your life’s perfect, and that isn’t too bad! But me being me, I want to share my opinions on things I feel you people can make use of. So, here’s to eating your head all the time!

You’ve all heard the saying do what you love and love what you do. Well, I can proudly claim that I follow it to the T. And here’s why and how you should too:

1. All of us like doing different things. And I’m not saying “are good at” but what you like. For instance, I may not be a wiz at writing but that’s something I love and so I do it as often as I can. You should find out what you like doing and stick to it. Everyone has varying preferences. What you like doing, makes you, you. And I can say for all of you: you’re very special.

2. After you find what you like doing, you should stick to your guns and believe in yourself. Because once you start believing in your ability to do that thing you like, it automatically follows that you’d improve over time. And take my word for it, when you get results at the end, you’ll find yourself in a very happy place in your life.

3. Don’t lose focus and don’t pay much attention to those who always try to put you down. In your life, you’ll find multiple people who’ll try to tell you that what you’re doing “just isn’t worth it” and that “you’re wasting your time”. These are most probably those who don’t like to see you joyful. They try to suck you into their web of lies and convince you that you’re wrong. If you feel they’re right, listen to your heart (and mind too) and talk to those you have faith in. If you think you’re on the right path, just keep going.

4. At last, ask yourself if you love what you do. Your choice might be a little unconventional or even borderline quirky but if it makes you gleeful, you know you’re right. For example, there are very few things in life that give me as much immense pleasure as studies do. And that too subjects like Biology and Physics. They might seem boring to most people but they fill me with a sense of contentment that most things don’t. What I’m trying to say is if people think you’re geeky or nerdy or too much of a fashionista, don’t care for them. They aren’t the ones getting satisfaction out of what you do, you are. So do what appeases you.

In a nutshell, don’t waste time doing what people think is right for you. Do what you love because if you don’t you’re the one who’ll later regret it. Time is too precious to waste. I’ve told you what I love, so why don’t you tell me now? Maybe I can even try that out!

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