Pretty Woman – film review

As I promised, I’m back with another review for you to view (wow, that rhymed). Today I’ll be reviewing Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the lead roles. I know you’ve all seen it and I’ve seen it myself too. But that’s one of my favourite rom-coms (self being the hopelessly romantic type) and I wanted to review it so badly. Here goes:

Pretty Woman is a movie that is astounding in so many ways; the story, the actors and even the shooting is somehow very appealing to the heart. Heck, you don’t even mind that it’s nothing but a modern ay Cinderella story! This is a movie which you must see (if you haven’t already).

The story is about Julia Roberts who plays the role of a prostitute. She is waiting for any customer when a rich businessman (enter Richard Gere aka Edward) stops and asks her for directions. That’s where the real story begins. As is with most wealthy people, Edward has a less than satisfying personal life due to lack of time or whatever reason. He is going through a tumultuous break up when Vivian enters his life. He takes her to his hotel room just for company and agrees to pay her an amount she can’t refuse (she needs the money to pay off her roommate’s debt).

Vivian is surprised (and bored) when she notices that Edward has no interest in the usual. He just wants company and someone to talk too. She is greatly impressed by not only his wealth but also his behaviour and attitude towards her. When Edward requires an escort for the upcoming days, he obviously hires Vivian. Slowly but visibly, the two fall in love. At first their relationship is that of mutual respect and benefit. However, that changes with time as not only is Vivian wooed by such a gentleman but Edward is also bowled over by the fresh breath of life that Vivian is. The story moves forward as they try to bridge the gap between their respective worlds. They obviously face many hurdles, not only inter-personal such as ego clashes but also social outlook on Vivian’s profession. But how they deal with it in the end is what makes it such a beautiful movie.

One thinks in the beginning that Vivian is impermeable but as the movie progresses, the viewers are exposed to her vulnerable and sensitive side. This is her side which Edward loves. And so does the viewer. Even though Richard Gere has given a commendable performance, Julia Roberts steals the show with her accurate and touching portrayal. After this movie, many countries, especially America witnessed a rise in respect for those working as prostitutes.

I found this movie to be extremely rewarding and satisfying. In fact, this is one of the few movies I’ve seen more than once. And who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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