The Source Of The Force

I’ve just had the chance to live,
With an organism which was quite unprecedented.
And it made me experience a force,
But sadly I can’t divulge the source.
And that’s a pity, a real pity,
Because the source can’t be found in just any city.
But I can surely give you some hints,
So read between the lines and remove the lint.
The force is not electromagnetic or nuclear,
Nor is it gravitational or from the future.
It’s the strongest force of all,
Different from others, standing tall.
The force is called love my friend,
And doesn’t vary with the trends.
Now the source was rather strange,
It’s language being out of my range.
But the source did know how to express,
Its love for me and make me feel blessed.
Warning me of dangers is just one of the tasks,
The source carried on so that in the sun, I could bask.
It made sure I woke up on time,
And recited my daily hymns.
When I was happy, the source was elated;
When I was sad, it whimpered unabated.
Now you can only imagine my sorrow,
When I got to know the source leaves tomorrow.
Its true roots have come a-looking,
And I’m literally shaking.
Ever since the source has been with me,
I’ve been feeling more gleeful and free.
But it must and will return,
Where it belongs in the long run.
Adieu my friend, you’ll have to go,
So enjoy your life and take it slow.
Because you won’t even realise,
When you’ll have to unwantingly oblige.
You’ll have to get separated from those,
Who loved you the very most.
They say that the source needs the wilderness,
But where’ll I find such deep-rooted tenderness?

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