Antiquity – part 1

This is my first attempt (hopefully not last) at writing a mystery story. So, obviously, it turned out to be quite big. Here’s the first part for you to read. Do tell me what you think happens next. Part 2 comes out Tuesday, so be prepared!

“I’m bored as hell!” cried Allie at the top of her voice. “Go out and explore, make some friends,” said her mother while she got ready to go to work with her dad. “But mum and dad, you promised we were coming to Dubai on a family vacay!” she said. “I should have known that you two are interested only in your business deals,” she added under her breath. “Did you say something?” asked her dad, Mr Johnson. “Nah! Just throw some money at me and I’ll go,” she said, taking advantage of her parents whom she knew substituted money for love, but then, they were how they were. “Here you go. But remember to take the hotel’s car ONLY,” said Mrs Johnson. “Sure,” she said and left.

She went to the hotel lobby, trying to find someone her age to make friends with. Then she saw a girl lounging on the sofa, with her feet on the table. “Psst, are you sure you should do that?”  Allie asked her. “Hell yeah! Its my hotel; I mean, not mine, but my dad’s the manager AND owns 50% of the shares, so I can pretty much do what I want,” she replied. A little taken aback by the response but determined to make conversation, Allie said, “Oh, that’s cool. Hi, I’m Allie.” “Hi Allie! I’m Samaira; nice to meet you,” the girl said. “So, what do you do here all day long? Like, do you wait for your dad or have come here to meet him?” asked the ever-so curious Allie. “Oh no dear, I am not waiting for my dad. I live here with him in the penthouse suite,” she replied. “Wow, that must be awesome. But aren’t you bored here?” Allie asked. “You know what, I am. And I know you’re too. I heard you talk to your parents when I passed by your room. C’mon, let’s go shopping. I’ll show you the best flea market around here,” offered Samaira. “My treat,” said Allie. “Alright, but my, I mean, the hotel’s car,” Samaira said. “Sure, why not?” said Allie, and off they went.

Although the temperature was soaring, Allie enjoyed the exotic-looking market. But she was a little uncomfortable around so many people hustling and bustling. In fact, there was hardly any space to walk. They entered a dingy looking shop with the board ‘Antiques Shop’ as it was the only one which was empty. “How less creative! They could’ve given it a better name,” commented Allie. “Forget that! Look around, only cupboards and cupboards all around. There’s no walls; only cupboards. Even I’ve never been here,” said Samaira. While they were talking, an old lady, with her face creased into a thousand wrinkles, appeared out of nowhere. “Hey! I didn’t see you coming,” said Allie, both surprised and a little scared by the lady who looked older than the antiques she sold. The lady gave them a toothless smile. “What you need?” she asked in broken English. “Oh anything you sell. We’ve got some money burning a hole in our pockets!” joked Samaira. “I have just the thing,” said the old lady. She picked up a sweet, little statue which had a deer standing on a pedestal. “That looks so cute! We’ll take it,” said Allie. Samaira was happy, she’d at last found a friend like herself who didn’t think before spending money!

The next few days passed quickly or they seemed to as the girls had so much fun that they didn’t get time to be bored at all. It was time for Allie’s departure. Her parents’ work in Dubai was done and they wanted to get home in time for the next NBA match (they’d got the tickets by their ‘contact’, you know). The girls arranged numbers and e-mails and Allie left.

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