Antiquity- part 2

“I can’t believe we’re home!” shouted Allie as they entered their villa. “Me neither,” said her mom. They quickly dumped their bags in their rooms, freshened up and ordered Greek food for dinner. They’d just sit down when the bell rang. “I didn’t expect them to be this quick,” Mr Johnson said. But it wasn’t the delivery boy at the door. On the contrary, a bunch of policemen were standing outside their door. “You’re under arrest Mr Johnson. You have the right to remain silent,” their leader said. “What’s taking him so long? Go and check Allie,” said Mrs Johnson. The thing she heard next was her daughter shouting “Mom, they’re taking dad! Come quick!!!” “What happened Officer?” she asked. “You and your husband are under arrest for smuggling drugs from Dubai,” replied the Officer. “There must be some misunderstanding, Sir. We went there for a business trip, nothing else,” said Mrs Johnson as Allie looked on tearfully. “There is no misunderstanding Madam. We have caught a fugitive in your neighbourhood who is wanted by the police. He told us that you have a statue containing cocaine that you brought from Dubai. You have also declared a statue in the customs while returning. So let us check,” replied the officer. They entered the house and asked Allie to bring them the statue. When they opened the pedestal of the statue, they indeed did find cocaine in it.

They couldn’t convince the police how they had no idea about the statue carrying cocaine. Allie was depressed. While her parents called their lawyers from the station, Allie sat at home and called Samaira. Even Samaira was shocked on hearing about it. It was then that it struck the girls; the old lady must have put cocaine in the statue and informed her partner here. Samaira gave her the shop’s address. Allie rushed to the station and informed the police who called the embassy in Dubai. The police there was not adamant to check the case but decided to investigate when prodded by the police here. However, they found no drugs in her small shop.

It had been a month now and yet Allie was certain that the old lady had something to do with the cocaine but she couldn’t figure out the connection. Desperate for an idea, some clue, she rang Samaira. “She did a good job cleaning up her mess; the police didn’t find anything in her shop,” Allie told her. “Well, the old lady did seem sharp to me. Remember how she appeared out of nowhere that day?” said Samaira. “Hmm… She did. There was no space to come from other than the door and she was not there in the shop when we entered,” Allie wondered aloud. “That’s it! I’ve got it,” cried Samaira in excitement. “What?”  asked Allie, both puzzled and excited at her friend’s exclamation. “One of the cupboards must have a trap door that leads inside,” said Samaira. “Why didn’t I think of it? And why didn’t the police either?” cried Allie. “You go and inform your police,” said Samaira.

Allie rushed to the station. The police said that the matter had been transferred to the FBI and her parents where here only till they were transferred to another prison. After much convincing by both Allie and the lawyer, the FBI officials listened to her side of the story. They agreed to call the embassy in Dubai again. This time however, the personnel in Dubai dressed up as tourists, in case the lady saw them. The shop had a closed sign when they reached. They opened up the shop with a universal key and entered stealthily. They opened the cupboards one by one quietly. Most cupboards had boxes one upon the other but then they saw it. One cupboard had shelves instead of boxes and that too, movable shelves.

They moved away the shelves only to find a dark passage with stairs. There was light streaming in from the room at the end of the stairs. They crept down the stairs, weapons on the ready. There the old lady was bent over a statue, filling drugs into the base of statues. Hundreds of statues with different sculptures lay around her, with only one similarity: each had the muse upon a pedestal. It was very clear that the statue was just a decoy to fill drugs into the pedestal. The old lady was arrested. After much questioning, she revealed to be working for the ‘Cobras’ a hard core smuggling gang.

Back home, Allie’s parents were released and her work was much appreciated. The police even gave a special prize to her. At the function, Allie just had one thing to say, “I’d like to thank Samaira, my angel in Dubai who helped me deduce the solution to my problems.”

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