Spirituality in life

I’ve tried to right a poem which can appeal to the spirituality of my readers. But don’t blame me if you don’t find it too preachy, because (a) I do not go to church, temple etc. frequently (b) even when I do, I seldom stay to listen to the Reverends/priests. Yet, I feel it’s fine. Just have a look and tell me about it coz this is the first time I’ve written a poem with all lines rhyming.

Last Sunday when the sermon we did attend

Something was said by the Reverend

Which he claimed to have penned

And the general topics it did transcend

So, here, just try to comprehend:

All that matters in the end

Isn’t whether you followed all the trends

What matters is how much you could bend

And if innocent people you could defend

It’s whether you made the right amends

And for yourself if you could fend

Doesn’t matter how situations did tend

What matters is whether you lent a helping hand

With others could you easily blend

How many hearts fluttering you did send

And if you made at least one lifelong friend


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