An experimental poem

There are so many soup songs and break-up poems doing the rounds on the internet that I felt, “Heck, I can write one too.” Add to that the incidence of watching too many rom-coms and Taylor Swift songs, you get an experimental poem. Now what is an experimental poem you might ask. Well, it’s a kinda poem written on experimental basis whose response would be duly noted and further poems of the sort would be tried to be written or posted on that basis (did you get what I said? I didn’t). Yet, I’ve tried to write such a poem. Now, I don’t know if I’ve captured the feelings right because I’ve myself never experienced them. So, all those who’ve ever had their heart broken, I’m open for comments!

You knew I wanted it to last forever,

You knew I was in for the long run.

You knew we were meant to be together,

And I wasn’t just in for fun.

Yet you left me hanging,

Left me all alone.

When I stood there crying,

I knew I should’ve known

That you’d do this to me, like you did it to the others.

But I thought I’d found the key, to take you all the way to the altar.

But I was wrong,

They were right.

We weren’t meant to be together lifelong,

Coz you just weren’t worth the fight.

When I look back, I realise,

What a moron I’ve been.

I thought you were a prize,

When you were meant to be in a loony bin.

I stood by you, I fought for you fiercely,

You still never changed.

Now that I’ve been crying hoarsely,

I think it’s better we’re estranged.

I was wrong,

They were right.

You aren’t worth this song,

So goodbye, good night,

And I hope your future’s bright.

Coz I don’t want no desperate exes hogging my limelight.

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