Welcome to the tour

Disclaimer: This poem is for entertainment purposes only and not in any way related to any person. Any resemblances to people, living or dead, are purely coincidental. This poem is not meant for pondering or wondering, just to be read with an empty mind (like the one I wrote it with).

Hellooooo there people! Welcome to la la land,

Let’s begin the journey; kindly take my hand.

We’ll take you on a tour, a rather interesting one,

So let’s go and have some fun.

We’ll meet people who’re not unusual,

But some might be, umm, let’s say delusional.

First we have little Master Trumpet,

Who quite enjoys talking to crumpets.

And why won’t he, for they listen to his tales,

Which he can recite louder than a whale.

But now let’s quickly move on,

Before we get stuck in the fantasy world he’s woven.

Next we have cutie pie Coco,

Who can look sweeter than your Kaley Cuoco.

But beware of her sweetness skills,

That’s what she uses to make her kill.

She can pretend to be innocent and baby talk,

Until in her trap, you blindly walk.

Oh! here is haughty Mister Right,

Who likes to believe that he’s really bright.

He has an opinion on everything under the sun,

And has a power by which, truth he can shun.

He feels that he is never wrong,

So let him believe that, and let’s get along.

Now I’d like you to meet Madam Confused,

Whose soul seems to be quite bruised.

Poor lady’s so old, yet doesn’t know what to do,

About her true self, doesn’t yet have a clue.

‘Tis not her fault though, but that of the others,

Because her thinking, they did smother.

And in the last we have Sir Rigid,

Who has a personality that’s really vivid.

His motto is never to change,

Even if that means being estranged.

He’ll not do what’s right and the world’s doing,

And then he’ll say we’re misconstruing.

So now dear friends, the tour concludes,

And to you, I’d certainly like to allude,

That there’s no need for becoming,

One of these who are so uncoming.

If you have any problem doing that,

Then you’re always welcome here for a chat.

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