Happy Teachers’ Day!

I believe that a teacher-student bond is the most important in life after a parent-child bond. Reason is that outside of our homes, our teachers are those whom we look up to in any case. While some teachers are those who scare you out of your skin, there are others whose class you want to last forever. No matter how great the books or technology are but as one of my favourite teachers once said, “there’s no substitute for chalk and talk.” No one can ever replace teachers In our lives and I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with some great teachers. So, this poem is dedicated to my teachers who (hopefully) know me as I am and have made me who I am…

As in my bed today I lay,
I just realised its teachers day.
A handful of teachers came to my mind,
To me who’d been helpful and kind.
I have the honour to state,
That you’re one of the greats.
The times that I’ve been helped by you,
Are so many that thanks is in lieu.
You’ve been the perfect teacher,
And much more than just a preacher.
You’ve motivated us always,
Be it to study hard or to play.
You’ve taught us to balance our lives,
And avoid any unnecessary strife.
What makes you a good teacher is,
More than that you’re a teaching wiz.
It is your connection with the students,
Whom you’ve taught to be prudent.
We’re all thankful to have known you this far,
And for making us into who we are.
You’ll hold a place in our hearts forever,
To make you proud, we promise to endeavour.

P.S. This post might create some confusion regarding the date. Teachers’ day is observed on 5th October according to the UN and 3rd May in the US. However, in my country, we celebrate it on 5th September to mark the birth anniversary of our second President, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was one of the greatest academics and philosophers.

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