In praise of ________

Hi people! Sorry not to have written for so long. My laptop faced a tech glitch and I just got it back. I was quite sad not being able to share my thoughts with you people, but here I am now. Here’s a poem written in praise of, I don’t know, anyone you like it to be about (I’ve left the blank for you to fill). I was talking about how in movies the hero always praises the heroine in a certain manner and I tried to write a poem that way. Tell me how it is!

The glistening pearls on your neck,

The glittering diamonds on your wrist,

And the clinquant gold on your finger,

All lay waste in front of your twinkling eyes…

The softest of fabrics,

The most expensive velvet,

And the fluffiest of cloth,

Are all inadequate for your milky skin.

The most melodious ringing bells,

The enchanting song of the nightingale,

The clearest tinkle of a brook;

Your enrapturing voice makes them all appear smoky.

The way you care for everyone,

Your trustable, conscientious nature,

Reaffirm my already strong belief,

That what you deserve must be better than the best.


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