Life’s like that

Hello all! This is a poem I wrote as a little kid (well not so little but yet). My mother tells me I was really upset after a bad exam that day (I should be if my writing skills were this bad then). However, like always, I had this poem and so must you…

If you aren’t good enough,

It can be really tough,

So you gotta be rough,

Coz life’s like that.

If you aren’t well-rehearsed,

With it you aren’t well-versed,

It can be a curse,

Coz life’s like that.

But if you do what you want,

Even if it does daunt,

Life’ll never ever haunt,

Coz dear life’s like that.

If you are really right,

The result’ll surely be bright,

And you’ll scale great heights,

Coz life’s like that.

Even if you make a mess,

But clean up every crest,

Your future will be spotless,

Coz life’s like that.

It will never be easy,

And you’ll always be busy,

But don’t ever go into a tizzy,

Coz life’s like that.

Yourself you’ve got to test,

And hope for the best,

But be ready for the worst,

Coz life’s like that.

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