Of weird people and Halloween

Each year I dread the arrival of Halloween. Not because I don't like irritating kids dressed up cutely who want to give me hell (even after I give them candy) but because I always come across some weird people on Halloween. And it isn't a new phenomenon; it's been happening since my childhood. Go on… Continue reading Of weird people and Halloween


New Blog Feature: Favourite blog posts of the week….

Spread the word peeps! Ain’t got too many bloggers devoting time to finding out about other good bloggers.

A Girl In Europe


Is it obvious that it took me a large chunk of the afternoon making that sign? (Avoiding revision). Nope. Good.

So I’ll give you a few categories (I think maybe because its the first one and I don’t want to get cocky I won’t give that many because a lot of people don’t know about it yet, maybe if it grows the amount of categories can grow too)

Now it’s pretty simple you paste a link to a blog post of your own or another of your favourite blogger’s posts(if its not your post then remember to tell me the name of the other persons blog and declare its not your own) and tell me which category you want to enter.

And tadahhh thats it, in a week (or less) I’ll tell you the winners!


1) The happiest/positive

2) The one that made me wee myself with laughter.

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Do books have their own soul?

Sometimes I think that books do have their own soul. Now, don't scoff at me like I'm some eccentric dork from la-la-land. Listen to (or rather read) my defence. Have you ever experienced that some books act of their own accord? I have. Many times. I have a copy of (Leo Tolstoy's) Anna Karenina that… Continue reading Do books have their own soul?


A thought on flies

Picture this: me sitting on my desk, a glass of milk and a few sugar cubes lying in front of me while I do my work and suddenly I notice a fly. Yeah, yeah, that small insect (which people like me better know as Musca domestica) which you can find, well, everywhere. At first I thought,… Continue reading A thought on flies