Of weird people and Halloween

Each year I dread the arrival of Halloween. Not because I don’t like irritating kids dressed up cutely who want to give me hell (even after I give them candy) but because I always come across some weird people on Halloween. And it isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s been happening since my childhood. Go on to read about the strange kind of people you might come across this Halloween and add your categories before (or after) Halloween!

  1. The ignorant: These people hear that someone’s at the door and even check who it is and if they see that it’s some kids, forget that the door will ever be opened! We had this kind of a family and once the kids in the neighbourhood broke his doorbell. Can’t tell you how good it felt to see those kids doing what I wanted to do since I was their age.
  2. The misers: You ring their bell, they’ll open the door, make a big hulla baloo (is that a word?) about giving you candy and the guess what you’ll get? A single piece of tootsie rolls or some orange and black wrapped chewy things. So much for nothing.
  3. The show-offs: They’ll give you full sized good quality candy bars but they’ll give it in such a condescending way that you’ll feel like throwing the big bar back at their ugly face. And if god forbid, you do that, they’ll spread it around that you’re a brat whose parents haven’t taught them about gratitude.
  4. The “trick me” ones: Well, they act like they’re game for anything you do but once you actually do something, they’ll start shouting at you and your gang, threaten to call up the police and turn up at your house the next day to get an apology out of your parents! Hypocrites.
  5. The sweeter-than-candy types: They like Halloween (they even wear a costume for legit) and that’s good coz then they give you nice candy but they behave so haughtily the rest of the year that all this just seems, well, just eerily eccentric.

I’m pretty sure I’ve left out some great categories so don’t be shy, add yours!

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