Today’s busy bees

Earlier I used to think that being a busy bee is a good thing. But these days, seeing how people behave, acting busy when they aren’t, has rendered a more negative connotation to “busy bee”, at least according to my experience. I was sitting in class today and we had a free period but were required to stay in our class. I wanted to study but the veritable bedlam of chirruping around me didn’t allow me to do so. Then, what did I do? I wrote a poem about it of course, because other than studying, that’s the best thing I can do.

Everywhere I look, all I see,

Is that everyone’s busy as a bee.

Shouting, shrieking, making some noise,

Where did it go, all the poise?

They’ve got no respect, no regard,

Living life in a manner haphazard.

They don’t care what others feel,

In front of no one can they kneel;

Because you see they’ve got such an ego,

That’s capable of sending your life askew.

They just want to get everything,

Done their way, sans any questioning.

And if you dare point out their fault,

They’ll cook and relish you with salt.

And God forbid if you ‘disturb’ these people,

They’ll not forgive you until you cripple…

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