Why I can’t write on a regular basis

Hi there guys! I don’t know if you really do like reading the stuff I write but this is for those who do. Whenever I get a new follower, I feel happy that there’s a new person I’ve connected with, a new blog I’ve discovered and that another person found my blabbings interesting enough to read. However, each new follower scares me a little bit too. Now, I’m not really a very big Spiderman fan but one thing he said stuck to me, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Having a new follower isn’t something that gives me great power per se but it certainly makes me feel that I should write in a way that he/she feels engaged while reading my posts. And then, when I don’t write for a loooooong time, and as that time keeps on getting longer, I feel more and more sorry for that poor chap. Because he/she followed me in hope of getting something good to read and what am I giving? Nothing.

But I can’t help it. I really can’t. I can write anywhere, anytime and any day. But sadly, I am not capable enough to be in control of when that anywhere, anytime any day comes. I can write only and only when my heart or mind prods me to do so. I am not one of those people who can write great stuff always. I can write about anything under the sun at any moment of the day but that writing is mediocre at the most (or shitty if you find my present writings mediocre). And I give my followers much more respect than to shower them with such writings. I feel that if I am writing something for them (or even for me) it should be not lost in the din. It should not be uninteresting enough that someone leaves reading it midway.

So dear readers, I am sorry for not having written for so long and promise to write whenever I can.



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