It actually happened!

Getting my braces off

Why is getting my braces off in the “it actually happened” category? Well, I have had braces on for more than two years. Yes, I know it is a fairly long period of time. Even though it did irritate me in the initial stage, I kinda enjoyed having braces. In fact, I wasn’t over-desperate to get them off. Today is the day that I have parted with them (in fact, I’ve just come home from the dentist’s).

I was quite scared as to what would happen, would it hurt, would I look eccentric and so on. The dentist took less than five minutes to take off braces from the upper as well as lower jaw and he even removed those strange ring thingies from my molars without much pain (whereas it was excruciating to put them in) which left me pleasantly surprised. Then he used a spray machine kind of thing with which he cleaned all the leftover glue and other icky stuff. But then came the worst part; he told me I’d developed four, yes four, cavities: three on my molars and one on an incisor. He cleaned up my incisor and did the filling. All in all, getting braces removed IS a really painless and quick task but only if you took good care of your dental hygiene while you had them on (karma, right?).

The dentist put in my retainer for me which was the fun part. He told me to go the mirror and helped me practice putting it on and off. What was even more fun was getting my pics clicked (even though he clicked them from various angles like I was a criminal). He showed me my older pics, i.e. before braces (which I didn’t even remember about) and I was shocked to see how horrid my teeth looked earlier. I never thought braces could do such wonders, but you know what, they did. I love my new smile sans braces (while I liked the one with braces too) and am every bit happy. So, if any of you is thinking about getting braces on, go on and get it done. You’d be really happy with the result and the process isn’t that bad (provided you have a co-operative and nice dentist like mine).

2 thoughts on “Getting my braces off

  1. Thank you sharing your experiences. I’m currently wearing braces and it has been only 6 months and yes just like you I never thought braces could do such wonders 😀 amazing, right? xD

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