Girl I hate

Okay. So I have not written for a very looong time. Why? Because I just had no time to spare (see, it isn’t that I don’t wanna write but circumstances are the boss of man, or so they say). Result: When I got too fed up with a girl hovering around me and couldn’t say anything to her, what did I do? Write a stupid poem, that’s it. Now, disclaimer: this is not to hurt anyone’s feelings and written after a gruelling hour with the world’s most irritating person. So if you find it humorous, thumbs up and if you don’t, I don’t have enough power to respond after so much of my brain being consumed…

With your terribly tasteless vanity,
Girl you’ve driven me to insanity.
Your eye shadows and that winged eyeliner,
Make you look like a waitress at a Vegas diner.
Your clothes two sizes too small for you,
Clutch you tight as a case of the flu.
And those high heels that give me hell,
I just wanna kick ya to wherever you dwell.
Your many OMGs and your LOLs make me,
Feel like unfriending you on FB instantly.
Your pretentious photos on Instagram,
Make me always utter “oh damn!”
Your constant blabber about your “peeps”,
Bore me to death and give me the creeps.
Next time I see you strutting towards me,
Instead of listening to you ‘walk the talk,’
I’m just gonna let myself go free,
Tell you to screw yourself and hit your head with a rock.

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