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Do it, or rather, do not do it!

The word these days seems to be that we should be doing what we feel like, follow our impulses, yada, yada, yada. While I know many who swear by trusting their gut feeling ALWAYS and are quite impulsive, I am not sure if this is always the right path to choose.

Now, before you dismiss it as a stupid rant, let me present my views, please? Thanks. I am not saying that our heart is incapable of making decisions or that we should never be intuitive. No, not at all. What I’m trying to say is that we should listen to that teeny tiny voice of reason and argument in our head too.

They say that you should do whatever you feel like doing at a moment but tell me, did you ever ponder what would happen if people started actually doing that all the time? We would be living in an uncivilized world where there is utter randomness and disorder, chaos everywhere. What if the decision you take impulsively turns out to be bad for you? For instance, let me take an extreme case: if you marry someone after meeting just once or twice, what do you think the odds are of having a successful marriage? I’d probably say, zero, nada, zilch. But if you feel otherwise, lemme know please.

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